Photo Contest Finalists

Top 5 Finalists

The Vancouver Island Photo Contest has come to an end! And, thanks to your votes, the top 5 finalists have been chosen.

Over the last five weeks, we’ve asked you to vote for your favourite photo from each of the five topics. (You can view all the semi-finalists by heading to the gallery page. )

Please help us out by voting one last time so that a winner can be selected.

Click on the star underneath the photo you like best.

You get only one vote, so please choose wisely!

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By vanisleview / Administrator

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on Jun 10, 2019

Comments (4)

  • Mary Ondic

    They are all gorgeous but # 45 is my choice

    • Kim Parcher

      They aren’t numbered, so I think you may be referring to the number of votes? Is your favourite the Craig Bay Sunset by Valarie Lyons? If so, yes, it’s lovely!

  • Kathy bates

    Beautiful , they are all winners

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