Local Artisan Spotlight – Falvai Creative

If you are a dog lover, and/or someone who likes to fish, this local spotlight is especially for you!

Local Artisan Spotlight – Falvai Creative


The Man behind Falvai Creative

Mark Falvai is the owner and designer of Falvai Creative.

If you get a glimpse of Mark, you may recognize him from the HGTV show, Canada’s Handyman Challenge, wherein 2012 he won the title of Canada’s Best Handyman.

He continues to use that same knowledge and expertise, which helped him win the handyman challenge, in his everyday life.

Mark found out at a very early age that having a nine to five job wasn’t for him. Hence, he has been mainly self-employed in some design capacity for most of his working career. He has designed everything from fine furniture to home decor, and graphic art logos to greeting cards. He specializes in interior design for homes, restaurants and commercial spaces.

Most recently, he worked with the new Meatcraft butcher shop in Nanaimo, where he did all of the logo, branding, and complete space design. He also does design work for Bayshore Custom Homes in Parksville, whom, Mark says, are arguably the best around.

Not too long after the handyman challenge aired, Mark launched a company called Allure Tackle, offering new and uniquely designed fishing products. Last year Allure Tackle ventured into creating the world’s first Fly Fishing Advent Calendar.

Although Allure Tackle was recently sold, Mark kept the Fly Fishing Advent Calendars and created his new company Falvai Creative. The company not only sells the coveted Fly Fishing Advent Calendars, but his newest venture is an advent calendar perfect for your best furry friend!


The Dog Treat Advent Calendar

Falvai Creative has recently teamed up with their good friends at Kali Wags in Nanaimo, and are proud to present the Kali Wag – Dog Treat Advent Calendar.

The fun starts on December 1st when door number one is opened to reveal a cute treat dispensing toy crocodile with a treat in its mouth. After that, your lucky pup will enjoy receiving a new delicious and nutritious treat every day until Christmas.

The treats are made in partnership with Kali Wags, a Nanaimo based company who stands behind their motto: Even fussy dogs love these! Falvai Creative is very excited to be working with a company with such a great product, strong business integrity, and an incredible love for dogs.


What’s Inside

The calendar is filled with treats in three flavours: organic grass-fed beef, wild sustainable Pacific salmon, and natural peanut butter. Other ingredients include carrots, oats, pumpkin, wheat germ, apples, whole eggs, flax seeds, oat bran, and kale.

Of Other Importance

  • Made in small batches
  • Quality tested by the Guelph Food & Technology Centre
  • 26% Protein Content
  • Holistic and balanced nutrition
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Thick, crunchy texture for dental health
  • Handmade with extreme care on Vancouver Island
  • The treat dispensing toy is BPA free

This dog treat advent calendar is definitely fun and stylish. Spoil your dog with it or treat another family to the fun, because after all, dogs are part of the family too!


The Fly Fishing Advent Calendar

Let’s not forget about what started this collection of fun Advent Calendars!

The Fly Fishing Advent Calendar delivers a set of must-have flies every true fly fishing enthusiast wants. On December 1st the lucky recipient will open door number one and find a high-quality, waterproof fly box. Over the next twenty-three days, your lucky fly fisher will enjoy receiving a new, hand-tied, fresh-water fly every day until his or her fly box is full, just in time for Christmas morning.  The name of each fly is printed on the inside of each door. Flies will vary.

Follow Falvai Creative

Follow Mark and Falvai Creative to keep up to date with his newest ventures!

Shop the Collection

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Both the Fly Fishing Advent Calendar and the Dog Treat Advent Calendar are available at a variety of stores across Vancouver Island. If you would like to purchase them online, please click on the images above (hint: they ship anywhere!).

If you are interested in viewing the products in person, Falvai Creative will be at the Randerson Ridge Craft Fair (located at Dover Bay high school) on November 17 & 18.


So tell me, if you could receive any kind of advent calendar, what would it be?

Get creative here! Maybe you would enjoy mini bottles of wine or beer? How about a make-up or jewellery advent calendar? Or maybe you prefer to stick with the old favourite of gourmet chocolate!? What is one small thing you would love to receive every day for 24 days? Who knows, it may become the latest project of Falvai Creative and available to you next year!

Let us know in the comments below.

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on Nov 09, 2017

Comments (49)

  • Krista

    I would love an advent calendar with mini decorations, 1 each day to decorate a table top tree, the last one being a star for the top…..

    • Kim

      What a neat idea!

  • Wendy Sangha

    I would enjoy an essential oil or tea advent calendar.

    • Kim

      Yes, both of those would be lovely to receive.

  • Sherry Cleland

    Id love an advent calendar with lottery tickets each day to scratch!

    • Kim

      Oh, I like that idea! I may have to steal it and create my own for hubby.

  • Shelley

    Would like a doggy advent calendar, fun treat!

    • Kim

      It most definitely would be a fun treat for your dog.

  • Joanne Fitter

    I would LOVE an advent calendar with dog treats! My dog Blossom was rescued from Ireland to the UK and came with us to Canada! She is Number 1 in our lives!

    • Kim

      That’s a well-travelled dog!

  • Barb

    I love the dog treat advent calendar. My two girls mean the world to me

    • Kim

      It really is a great idea.

  • Tanya Silbernagel

    An advent calendar with essential oils or dark chocolate.

    • Kim

      Both great choices!

  • Chocolate is still my favourite for an advent calendar. I would like good quality and perhaps a mixture of different artisan chocolates including white, milk and dark chocolate.

    • Kim

      Yes, sometimes you shouldn’t mess with a good thing. I like the idea of gourmet artisan chocolates in a variety of flavours.

  • Kelly Milholm

    Well I am kind of obsessive, but my ultimate advent calendar would be a fat quarter of beautiful vintage fabrics 😆

    • Kim

      Ha! Yes, well when you are in the trade… 🙂

  • Suezanne

    I’d love a calendar that surprised me everyday, with something different, so no theme.

    • Kim

      Hmmm, that could be interesting, Suezanne. Although I think I’m too much of a control freak for that, lol! (I’m not one for surprises).

  • Corinne

    Okay I am a traditionalist here. I like the advent calender with chocolates. Would be great to have one with chocolates from around the world that would include a Christmas tradition from that country.

    • Kim

      What a neat idea, Corinne! Educational yet fun (and yummy, to boot).

  • Terry Larose

    Good question and promotion! Since I’m new to the island for me personally I think it would be fun to receive coupons/discounts for stores and restaurants on the island !

    • Kim

      I like that idea!

  • Elaine

    I would love an advent Calendar mixed with natural bath bombs/shower steamers, soaps and essential oils 😊
    I think the doggy Calendar is very cool for our little furry friends ❤️

    • Kim

      That would be a lovely mix!

    • Kim

      Elaine! You (and your dog 😉 ) won the Dog Treat Advent Calendar. Congratulations! I will contact you via e-mail as well, to give you further details.

  • Heather MacLean

    I would love to receive an advent calendar that I could share with my dog, maybe windows with suggestions where to take an off leash walk, a cut and clip or a chew toy.

    • Kim

      Great suggestions, Heather. I know you weren’t specifically asking for this…but just in case you are unaware, we wrote an article about all the great dog parks/trails available around the mid-Vancouver Island area. You can check it out here: https://www.vancouverislandview.com/ns/off-leash-dog-parks/

  • Susan Cornborough

    Hmmmm….I think I would like any of the things listed above but I’d like maybe 3 of the calendars for that year to have a ‘surprise’ window. So that everyday I’d think ‘maybe I got the magic calendar, maybe today is the day’! That little extra bit of anticipation…. 😉

    • Kim

      A surprise window would be fun!

  • Lynda Green

    Reading through the comments, I love lots of them!
    Motivation quote and small scented candle idea is an awesome idea.
    A cat treat inspired advent calendar??
    Sugar free gum for kids???

    • Kim

      Both unique and creative ideas, Lynda!

  • Shirley Armstrong

    The wine and beer would be a great Advent calendar, will be passing this latest edition on to my friends and see if they enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks so much Kim for all the info you put in your articles.

    • Kim

      Well, thank you so much, Shirley! I truly appreciate the support.

  • Jollean

    I would love mini lipsticks/lip glosses to try a different color every day to have fun and discover new colors that I might have never tried but absolutely love! Mini wine/beer would be cooolioooo too!!!

    • Kim

      The lipstick/lip gloss would be a fun idea!

  • Angie

    An advent calendar with mini essential oils, including a brief used for description would be really neat. Especially holiday / winter blends or germ buster oils.

    • Kim

      Ooh yes!! Young Living actually has one – with full bottles of oil, but it’s waaaayyy too much money!

  • Gillian Stewart

    What about tea, coffee, hot chocolate. A special drink every day would be lovely.

    • Kim

      I like it! Perfect for the colder month of December too.

  • Catherine Buchanan

    I like the idea of a charm bracelet and special West Coast inspired beads / charms each day!

    • Kim

      What a fantastic idea!

  • Jill

    I like the idea of wine! But have it be local. Or naturally scented soaps or tealights, again, local. A different scent a day.

    • Kim

      Oh yes, a spa-inspired advent calendar would be great. I really like the scented soaps and tealight idea!

  • Marlen Brooks

    I would like to receive a positive or motivational message to practice each day and I take the chocolate with it as well.

    • Kim

      I like that idea!

  • Jessica

    I would LOVE to receive an advent calendar that has mini bottles of wine and chocolates mixed in. I’d be in heaven 🙂

    • Kim

      Ooh, yes, a combo of the two would be heavenly!

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