Fun Group Activities on Vancouver Island

While researching ideas for the Creative Classes article, I discovered some really fun activities that would be perfect for a small group of friends. If you are looking to keep your circle connected, try one of these fun friend meet-ups. Not only will your bond grow stronger, but you will create some fantastic lasting memories too! Paint […]

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Creative Classes and Workshops on Vancouver Island

A new year brings new ideas, and perhaps a few new resolutions or intentions. Make this the year you really dive into what local businesses offer their clientele. Attending a few creative classes and/or workshops is a fun way to do this. Whether you vow to meet new people, hone your creativity, or just try […]

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Castles to Visit in Canada

There’s just something about a castles beauty, history and mystery that is ever-alluring. People travel all over the world (mainly Europe) to view their magnificent architecture. However, did you know that there are castles to visit in Canada too? Many of the castles and castle-like buildings across Canada were either constructed as hotels for railway companies […]

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Best Indoor Activities in Victoria

When the weather starts to turn a little dreary, locals and tourists alike tend to want to stay indoors. If you are visiting or live in and around Victoria, this family-friendly list of ideas is for you. Below you’ll find the best indoor activities in Victoria. Please note, this content contains a few affiliate links. […]

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Top Outdoor Activities and Attractions in Victoria

Will you be visiting Victoria, BC this year? Find out where to go and what to do, especially if you have kids in tow! Use this article as a guide to finding the best outdoor activities, tours and attractions in Victoria BC. (For indoor attractions, read this article: Best Indoor Activities in Victoria) This article […]

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Taste of Victoria Food Tour

To celebrate a milestone anniversary, my husband and I overnighted in Victoria. While there, we packed in as much fun stuff as we could handle. The Victoria food tour experience with A Taste of Victoria is most definitely a top highlight of our mini-getaway. Tour Experience Not only do you sample delicious food, but you […]

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10 Places to Spot a Ghost on Vancouver Island

With Halloween coming up soon, I thought it would be fun to round up the most alleged haunted places on Vancouver Island. The following list was gathered from research on well-known sites that people generally accept to be haunted. The post is merely for entertainment use, and my intentions are neither to prove, nor disprove, the existence […]

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Visiting the Victoria Bug Zoo

I have an irrational fear of bugs. There are far too many incidences where I have literally been ‘trapped’ in a room because a large bug or spider was near the exit route. I literally become paralyzed with fear until (A) someone comes and rescues me, or (B) the bug moves out-of-the-way. So as you […]

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Discover the Best of Sooke

Sooke is a district municipality situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island and considered the westernmost community of the Greater Victoria region. It offers visitors and residents alike an authentic west coast experience with its rugged rainforests and unspoiled beaches. A Bit of History For hundreds of years, the T’Sou-ke First Nation was a […]

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Pedder Bay RV Resort and Marina

The Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina offers the seclusion one is looking for while camping, yet with the amenities and conveniences one desires. Surrounded by forest and ocean, and located in the wilds of Metchosin, you feel like you are out in the middle of nowhere, but in reality, only 30 km’s from the […]

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Exploring Beacon Hill Park

  I am always amazed when you can visit a city you have been to numerous times and still find something to see and do you have never experienced before. This was the case when we decided to explore Beacon Hill Park in Victoria for the very first time. How we missed seeing this beautiful […]

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The Spectacular Butchart Gardens

For as long as I can remember I have always had a love for Victoria. I have very fond memories of taking the ferry over to explore the many fabulous touristy attractions the beautiful city offers. A few of my favorites being ‘Miniature World’, and the ‘Wax Museum’ – which sadly is no longer. There are just […]

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