Explore the Secret Places of Vancouver Island!

Find the best hidden gems on Vancouver Island with this easy-to-follow guide.

Do you love to hike and explore? Do you wish to see parts of Vancouver Island that are off the beaten track? This ultimate guide book contains over 20 of the best and not-so-obvious hidden gems found in the Mid-Vancouer Island area. Think of this ebook as your key to being able to explore parts of your own backyard you didn't even know existed! 

What's Inside

Check out this video for a sneak peek of the amazing places you will find inside the e-book.

20+ Hidden Gems to Explore!

Inside the digital pages you will find 23 hidden gems to discover, plus an amazing bonus gem that one should not miss out on while exoloring Vancouver Island.  

Each location is broken down into sections with a full description of what you can expect to see. For example, whether or not the trail is:

~ Family friendly ~ Dog-friendly ~ Suitable for wheelchairs or strollers

Plus, there is detail about how difficult each trail is and how long it should take to complete. 

Detailed driving and walking instructions for each location is also provided, and as an added bonus includes Google Map links too!

You will also have exclusive access to a private Facebook group, so that you can stay up to date with current trail conditions and information. This helpul group will give you insight into things such as wildlife sightings and/or whether or not the trail is currently open (to give you a few examples).

Find out what others are saying...

“This e-book is lovely. I have visited a few of the places, and can’t wait to discover the rest.”

~ Gillian - PARKSVILLE

“This e-book made me realize there's so much more to discover. It’s well worth the money I paid. One feature I appreciate is the Google Map links. As men, most of the time we only look at the map when we are truly lost....and call it an adventure”



“Highly recommend this ebook to both travellers and residents of Vancouver Island. I've been blessed to call this amaing Island home for over 30 years and I was extremely pleased by the incredible detail and thoughtful conent in this well written and easy to read ebook. It highlights fun adventures and interesting places to hike for all!" 


~ Angie - NANAIMO

“I live within a couple of hours of almost all the places mentioned within this e-book, and I have still learned so much! It's an amazing local resource. One that we will be using continually!"



About the Author

Meet the mastermind behind Hidden Gems of Vancouver Island

Kim Parcher

Kim is the owner of Vancouver Island View, a local tourism website aimed at getting locals out exploring their own backyard. 

“I love exploring. Nothing brings me greater joy than discovering new to me places. I also feel extremely blessed to be able to live on Vancouver Island. Through my website, and now this e-book, I get to share that love and passion with the the rest of the world! My greatest wish is to inspire others to get out there too!”

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