The rugged natural beauty, jaw-dropping landscapes, and abundance of wild life makes Waterton National Park one of the most beautiful places to see in Canada.

Discover a Secret Hideaway in Alberta called Waterton

  Do you wish to travel to a place where the major attraction is the great outdoors? A place with so much natural rugged beauty you are literally left speechless. Or how about to a place where capturing a photo of wildlife is not only possible but guaranteed? A place where grizzly bear, black bear, […]

Are you planning a trip to Disneyland this year? Make sure to read these tips and tricks first. There are some great tips here!

Disneyland Tips and Tricks

  Everyone loves a Disneyland vacation. Before you go, though, make sure to do some research to make the most of your time in the happiest place on earth. The Best Disneyland Tips and Tricks There are plenty of little-known tips and tricks to ensure you save time, money and your sanity while in the park. […]

Full of rich history and scenic views, Astoria is yet another must see town in Oregon.

Astoria Oregon

Located on the Columbia River, just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean, Astoria is the oldest American settlement west of the Rockies. While it was first established as a fur trading post, it has expanded to become the bustling port city it is today. It is, however, the rich history, scenic views, and romantic setting that […]

Following in the footsteps of Cheryl Strayed, we too discovered the beauty of Crater Lake in Oregon. If you haven't seen it for yourself, it is an absolute must!

Crater Lake Oregon

    The bluest water one has ever seen is one of the biggest draws of this National treasure in Oregon. But it’s also full of interesting history and enough breathtaking scenery to leave you in awe. From Wild to Joy In early Spring I read the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed. It’s a fantastic […]

Oregon has the best State Parks, and Silver Falls is no exception. Make sure to check out this Oregon attraction during your summer holidays.

Silver Falls State Park Oregon

After writing about Champoeg, a wonderful little gem we found in Northern Oregon, it was recommended by one of my readers to visit Silver Falls State Park. So of course we made a point of checking it out. And I am so glad we did. At 9,000 acres, Silver Falls is Oregon’s largest State Park. With it’s 10 waterfalls, […]

Looking for something to do in the Pacific Northwest? A must see attraction in Washington State is the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

    It seems we can’t go on a road trip without stopping at a zoo, and this time was no different. We started our trip on the right foot when we decided to spend a fun-filled day at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. Our first overnight stop happened to be in the Tacoma area at a […]

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