Cute caterpillar craft. A super easy art project for kids.

Caterpillar Craft

Nothing says Spring like seeing caterpillars everywhere. I realize we are still in the depths of winter, but we needed a little reminder that the nicer weather will soon be upon us. Which is why we decided to bring some color to our world by creating this really cute caterpillar craft. As you will see in […]

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

It seems we can’t go on a road trip without stopping at a zoo, and this time was no different. We started our trip on the right foot when we decided to spend a fun-filled day at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. Our first overnight stop happened to be in the Tacoma area at a campground we […]

A Review of Legoland California

Southern California is well-known for having a lot of great family-friendly attractions. The question is, should Legoland California be on your must-see list? Age-Dependent Honestly, I think whether or not you make the trip to Legoland depends on the age and maturity level of your child. If your children are young (ages 10 or under) – go now! […]

Exploring the Redwood Forest

We have our fair share of giant trees on Vancouver Island. So seeing large trees may no longer phase you. You might, however, still be pleasantly surprised at the stunning sight of the grand Sequoias in Northern California. Exploring the Redwood Forest is definitely something that one should not miss out on! The Trees Viewing trees […]



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Champoeg State Park, Oregon

Champoeg State Park is a hidden gem we discovered while on a long road trip to San Diego. Flying, instead of driving, to San Diego, definitely would have been easier. We would have had less wear and tear on our vehicle, no gas to pay for, and the travel time much shorter.  However, if we had flown, […]

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